Mise en Place Ltd. is the Cayman Islands leader in providing comprehensive food services to Government and Private Schools, feeding more than 3000 students daily while following the strictest of quality and nutritional standards. We have proudly been fueling Cayman’s budding young minds with fresh, healthy, and balanced meals since 2006 and have served over 3 million school lunches to date.

Yum was launched in 2020 when we identified a need for online ordering services during the COVID pandemic. We successfully launched a new website with an ordering platform through which parents and students can conveniently place their orders for school meals online. We promote a cashless digital wallet system, and orders can be placed until 10 pm the night before (accommodating those often-last-minute orders).

Made with kids in mind, our school catering program is carefully thought out and prepared with real food that not only tastes good but provides students with the fuel they need to succeed. We closely follow government standards for food provisions in schools by controlling portion sizes; providing a healthy balance of proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates; limiting red meat and fried foods; providing more whole grains; offering less sodium and sugar-heavy foods; and focusing on well-balanced nutritional menu offerings. We believe that the food for Cayman's future should be healthy, delicious, and full of great ingredients.

Finding a balance between student demands for comfort foods and a nutritious menu offering can be challenging. Since 2006 we have weeded out the food children did not respond to and have created meals that not only meet the exacting Standards for Food Provision but are delicious and prepared to the highest of standards considering hygiene, food quality, and nutrition. In addition, our digital wallet system and email notifications now provide parents more transparency into what their children are ordering.

Through our sincere passion for food service, we are committed to achieving healthier eating habits amongst the youth of the Cayman Islands for generations to come.